Anders Thessing


Architecture - Artists - Celebrities - Fashion - Personalbranding - Portraits - Stilllife

"The very experienced brilliant photographer Thessing has a genuine, devoted and lovely personality, with a great eye for the drama in portraits, classic still life and landscape photography. Also an expert retoucher."

An expert on portraits with a passion for architecture

Highly skilled Photographer with a big passion for Architecture and a magic eye for details. Anders started out in his career assisting stars as Bill King, Arthur Elgort and Steven Meisel. His fantastic portraits bring out genuine personality in a very strong classic and authentic style, and he’s a total darling to work with. He has extensive experience in Fashion and lifestyle photography. His latest campaign is a pro-bono for Barncancerfonden (the Child Anti Cancer Foundation) by fab agency Garbergs.

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Credits: Anders Thessing

Artist Portrait

Credits: Anders Thessing

Campaign Childhood and cancer don't belong together

Credits: Anders Thessing & Agency : Garbergs