Annica Saltskog

Brand Advisor / Business Strategist / Corporate Culture

BusinessDevelopment - BusinessDirector - CorporateCommunication - CorporateCulture - SalesDirector - Strategy

"Annica has seemingly boundless energy and commands great loyalty and respect from her clients. Annica has a sharp commercial brain, she not only has the ability to spot opportunity but, and most importantly, also convert opportunity to drive revenue growth"

Has a stellar track-record when it comes to establishing and growing international business across the Nordics

Annica is a GTM and growth catalyst expert for international brands that seek to establish a business presence in Nordic countries. Annica possesses a solid business acumen and has a stellar track record when it comes to establishing and growing international business across the Nordics. She has a deep understanding and proven philosophy of how she builds, manages, and leads not only successful but also sustainable teams.

She spent decades launching, leading, and driving growth for multimillion-dollar SaaS companies. Her experience also includes having led PR and Communication efforts within the banking and finance sector. Annica’s diverse background and multi-sector expertise illustrate her aptitude for knowing what truly drives commercial success. As Head of Corp Com & PR at Santander Bank, Commercial Director at Getty Images Nordics as well as work for Radisson SAS Hotels & Resorts,

In addition to Annica’s mastery of business strategy—coupled with a holistic approach to applying multiple communication disciplines to generate revenue—she is passionate about leadership and personal development. She is especially proud and honored to volunteer her time to mentor young professionals, primarily women in tech and media.

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