Brand Development Specialist Fredrik Pantzerhielm Answers 3 Questions About Brand Strategy

Perception is crucial to brands and industry, according to Fredrik. You may be a nice person or a nice brand, but if you’re considered to be the polar opposite, you are. And that is ultimately what matters. With a long history of working with international brands’ creative and strategic growth, this basic insight has served as a guiding beacon for him. The new communication landscape forces brands to rethink not only their communication but also their business model. It takes quite a bit of bravery and honesty to make the brand or business changes that are needed to stay relevant.

We had the opportunity to speak with Fredrik Pantzerhielm about some of the most critical considerations to make when starting a new firm or expanding into a new market. Fredrik has an immense background and has worked with a lot of different brands, such as H&M, Arla, Mercedes Benz, Sisley, and many more.

“Can you give any advice to start-ups regarding marketing and communication strategy?”

One thing, I think is important is to research the name you’ve chosen for your startup and see that it’s appealing and whether there’s anybody else who has it. Once you’ve done that, if you have a name that is either descriptive or is a fantasy name, but you want it filled with meaning, you can go either way but the name itself needs to be filled with meaning and connected to what your startup stands for. There are many layers to building a brand and one is recognition. When building a brand it’s important to build a reputation within the target group. When you are buying a service or product you don’t listen to what the company says about their service/product, you look at reviews, sales numbers, and what the company stands for. “

“One brand that I’m working with right now is sourcing tea from the outskirts of the forests in Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. And in those environments, the tea plants grow naturally, in harmony with the surrounding nature in a true tea farmer way. This company also helps to protect the deforestation and they are also encouraging reforestation. So their vision and goal are to supply great quality tea and protect the endangered forest, biodiversity, and the climate. Brands today that have a compelling story make the consumer much more capable of purchasing your product.”

“Do you have any interesting trends that you see right now?”

“I’m not sure if it’s a trend or not, but many start-ups start day one with a global mindset. I think more and more companies will be start-ups that are digitally born and have a global perspective on what they’re doing and what they want to achieve.”

“What is important to execute when expanding to a new market?”

“OK, well, this is probably thousands of things to think about, on what to do when expanding your business and going to new markets now. So there’s a lot of research you have to do and about the new market. And I think it’s quite often you’re underestimating the competition where you want to enter. And if this is a new strategy for the company, I think it’s important to have everybody on board. And you might be the king in your home market, but you’re probably nothing in a new market. And you also need to work with your culture within the company, you know, being sort of an export or conquering company, going into new markets where you will find competition.”

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