Edvin Kempe

Photographer / Copywriter / Social Media Expert

Concepts - Creative Ideation

"So what does he write? Everything, more or less. For himself a lot of poetry, rap songs, tinder bios. And professionally whatever you'll need in print. Scripts, lines, product descriptions, socials posts, articles. Throw him a bone, he will bite."

Hyper Island educated Junior Creative who vows to make sure your brand will find a voice that stands out

Supertalented Creative Writer who has already worked as part of or assisting the creative teams on exiting international brands as Hendrick’s Gin, Johnny Walker, DIAGEO, Turner/Cartoon Network, P&G Prestige, MasterCard/Samsung, Hask Beauty and The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce NYC. With agencies as UltraSuperNew Singapore and Kingdom of Something, Berlin.

In the book On Writing by Stephen King, he states that he believes writing to be innately telepathic in nature. He believes that the written word gives the writer the ability to transport thoughts over both time and distance.

Edvin has been trying to break into people’s minds with words ever since. Eternally non-conforming, Edvin vows to make sure your brand will find a voice that stands out. He also embraces the visual side of communication and this combination is no surprise as he is a typical Hyper Island educated Creative, an all-round solutionoriented superhero.

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