Egle Obcarskaite

Brand Strategist / Sustainability Expert / Digital Strategist

digitalimplementation - Lectures - Socialimpact - Sustainablebrands - Workshops

"With her heart in the right place, always making a difference while finding and implementing new ways and processes for brands survival forward. Driven by a do-good purpose, "

Digital Management with a Hyper Island Master degree in Business Design & Ethical Innovation Design

Digital Management and Innovation Speaker on design value, systems, ethics working across countries, disciplines and cultures. passionate about change and get inspired thinking about the future. Egle is highly valued for her critical thinking, bringing in various perspectives, empowering to find solutions ahead and beyond, and for facilitating collaborations. Curious and digging deep to the five levels of “why“. Egle will be inspired to work with you if you have a need to work on continuous change, to find how you can own disruption, challenge slow management systems and turn threats into opportunities.

Experienced in international and transboundary cooperation, supporting organisational development, introducing a creative approach to management with focus on transformation and innovation.

Has the solution on your: Lack of relevance! Challenges faced when Innovating, Challenges of adapting your Business model to an ever-changing environment. Identify competitive advantage. Find the right problems to solve. (The Hyper Island Way) Using methods: Systems thinking, Human Center Design. Egle is a Chapter Director at the She Says Stockholm Chapter.

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