Egle Obcarskaite

Service Designer / CX & UX Stratgist / Digital Strategist

Design Process - digitalimplementation - Socialimpact - Sustainablebrands - UX - Workshops

"With her heart in the right place, always making a difference while finding and implementing new ways and processes for brands survival forward. Driven by a do-good purpose, "

Passionate Hyper Island graduate working with design driven innovation & digital transformation, UX research and strategy - your Service Design Expert

A service designer (setting up your customer journey, service blueprints, CX operations) with a passion for user experience, innovation and breaking down complex problems into manageable pieces, while still caring for the big picture.

Having started her career in journalism and communications, Egle worked across several countries in Europe in both the private and public sectors with projects ranging from education, culture and environment, to civil security, public health, and the future of mobility.
Being a curious and a future-proof professional, Egle early on indicated the significance of the digital transformation to all areas of our lives, and upskilled herself through a master in Digital Management, as well as in UX design – both at the forward looking school Hyper Island.

Breaking down silos by sharing her skills, experience and creativity – may it be a small hands-on project or tailor-made workshop suiting your business’ exact need right now, or a strategic project to fully implement the power of service design. For a stronger value proposition.

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