Feffe Kaufmann

Digital Strategist / Social Media Expert / Photographer

Contentphotographer - Digitalstrategy - Socialimpact

"Feffe has a strong inner compass and values, he follows his heart and always strives to help those who try to make the world a bit better, day by day."

Digital Strategist with a strong inner compass

A goal-oriented natural socializer with a passion for communication and the digital landscape. With a past in digital agencies, also as co-founder, he has worked with many different municipalities and brands as Schnieder Electric, Clarion hotel, Intel, SVT (The Swedish national public television), Bounce, Åre-, Helsingborg-, Pajala-, Uppsala kommun, The Steamery and many more. Community Management, Strategies, Educating, Lectures, Social Advertising. Feffe always brings his camera to work, on his travel, capturing the human life and moments around him.

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Digital Marketing Campaign

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Credits: Peter Fjall, Feffe Kaufmann, The Villa Team

City Captures

Credits: Feffe Kaufmann

Traveling the World

Credits: Credit: Feffe Kaufmann