Fredrik Pantzerhielm

Brand Advisor - Brand Strategist - Creative Planner - Creative Lead

"Fredrik puts both his head and his heart into creative businesses. He has a sixth sense for commercial opportunity, and his record as a serial entrepreneur stands as proof. Such a feel for modern business consists of many parts; Fredrik is in front of tech trends, is an astute observer of social change, and bakes both into highly inventive brand and marketing strategies.

With great stories that are well and honest told, tribes and culture are created, not transaction and prospects

To Fredrik, perception is key to brands and business. You might be a nice person or a nice brand, but if you are perceived as the opposite, you ARE the opposite. And that is really what counts. With a long experience from working with creative and strategic development of international brands, this simple insight has served him as guiding lighthouse.

The new communication landscape forces brands to rethink not only their communication but also their business model. It takes quite a bit of bravery and honesty to make the brand or business changes that is needed to stay relevant. Clients include H&M, Arla, Mercedes Benz, Sisley, Wella, Biersdorf, smart, Pepsi, Telia.

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