Jacob Huurinainen

Art Director / Conceptual Creative

CreativeConcepts - GraphicDesign

"”Super talented graphic designer with broad and deep knowledge. He is very thorough and streetsmart. His long experience of working in the fashion industry made him the ultimate choice for me when I started a gymwear brand. He is clear throughout the process and contributes with his sharp analyzes. I am more than happy with how he set a modern, personal and accurate tone on the brand! "

Jacob has 20 years of work experience in brand identity and Art Direction within fashion, lifestyle and beauty industry.

Jacob was responsible for Art Direction and visual concepts for 10 years at fashion brand Weekday. He joined when H&M acquired the company – covering all areas of branding; store signage, packaging design, label systems, external collaborations, books and magazines, always pushing the brand forward in all aspects – from the smallest detail to massive storefronts.

Jacob is passionate about typography, system thinking, tactile esthetics. He loves to work with like-minded photographers and filmmakers. He thinks the details are as important as the concept to get the best quality of the outcome, preferably with great strategy and research behind it. Accustomed to working with small brands and small budgets to big brands and big budgets, always striving to get the best result and easy to adapt to new situations.

Aware of his surroundings with a particular interest in the visual culture with a special interest in popular culture. When not working, he spends his time with his family and listens to tons of music.

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