Sustainability Expert - Brand Advisor - Digital Strategist - Brand Strategist


BrandAudit - BrandPositioning - DigitalTransformation - EcommerceBranding - MarketingCommunication Strategy - UserExperience - UX

Jenny Huurinainen

Digital generalist and Brand strategist. Internationally awarded (60+ titles) for producing successful online branding work for 15+ years.

All touchpoints help build (or demolish) a brand. As a digital native strategist, Jenny pays extra attention to the mortar holding the bricks together. Creating a positive customer experience between online and offline, and the fusion of both is what excites and keeps her going. Believing the future is neither online or offline, it’s a seamless experience with customer service and delivery as the ultimate success factors in terms of brand experience. Core competences: – Brand and business development – Digitalization projects and website development leadership – Communication concept and creative execution – Lead large teams and challenging projects from start to finish – Handling large budgets and doing magic with small ones.

"Appreciated for being agile, analytical and structured. Offering exquisite expert support to management, improving brand performance, procure and realize digitalization projects, and also as extra muscles for your existing inhouse team."

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