Kristina Tjader

Sustainability Expert / Brand Advisor / Brand Strategist / Creative Director

BrandBuilding - Brandstrategy - CreativeDirection - Designer - SpeakerWithinSustainability - SustainabilityStrategy

"A passionate and highly experienced expert who we are very proud to now have the pleasure to matchmake directly with brands to enhance and strategise purpose and sustainability issues"

A passion for true stories and to implement sustainability within the vision of the brand

As co-founder and the creative force behind the successful Swedish fashion brand House of Dagmar, Kristina has now founded Ekbacken Studios, with a mission to redefine luxury and the way we consume by creating sustainable masterpiece furniture.

With a long experience in conceptualizing and story-telling that connect the core of a brand with the heart of their customers. Brands of today must understand their customers by heart and be true to their values in order to create loyalty.

With a background as educated men’s wear tailor and designer in Paris, the eye for details, fitting and conceptualizing is strong. After many years of developing the collections and the concept of House of Dagmar, which is now a leading brand within fashion and sustainability Kristina has broadened her vision and is engaged as a conceptual and sustainability expert. She is also a professional board member.

Via the podcast Mode & livsstilspodden – The Swedish Fashion & Lifestyle Pod that she hosts together with journalist Anna Blom – she does fashion summit talks and interviews. She is also a teacher on sustainability, material knowledge and design in general at the acclaimed Beckmans School of Design.

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