Leila Falkenberg

Brand Advisor / Film Expert

AgencyProducer - Brandadvisor - ExecProducer - Filmexpert - Filmprocurement

"Leila is one of the few I've met in my career that's what I call multi-talented. She is very creative, a skillful organizer, a great leader and is always ahead of her game. I hope very much that we will work together again in the near future."

A Connector with a passion for brands and people, focused on Commercial Film Procurement projects as Executive Brand Producer, Agency Producer & Production Consultant

Leila is known in our business as a passionate connector and matchmaker. She is available through The Swedish Villa as an independent expert, for project-by-project assignments as well as an ongoing resource for your agency, brand or organization.

Building on her +15y experience in the Commercial Film & Advertising Business, as Agency Producer, Producer, Service Producer, and Media Agency Professional she is today mostly hired as Advisor and Exec Brand Commercial Film/Content Producer. Today when we move faster and have multiple platforms to fill with curated content she is an asset on any side of the set up, making all parties working towards production value. Making your budget work in front of the camera, for your audience, by skillfully optimizing the production process.

She is naturally aware of the importance of implementing diversity and inclusion to reach better results. She is a big fan of sustainable brands and is environmentally friendly driven – calibrated for a new world already at a very young age.

Leila, through The Swedish Villa, is also a Consulting Advising Brand Producer at the London based global network MCA Murphy Cobb Associates, where she is nominated to work on their Nordic clients, as Carlsberg, Orkla and the Swedish flagship brand IKEA. Serving as a trusted exec producer, advisor and consultant guiding brands, corporate and agency partners through all phases of brand activation procurement.

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