MONARKI Content Creation

Conceptual Creative / Photographer / Filmphotographer / Film Expert

Communicationstrategy - Conceptdevelopment - content - Socialmedia

"The key thing to achieve when creating content for today's rapid digital platforms is to bring the scrolling to a paus! MONARKI Content Creation has fine-tuned their expertise from all aspects of production to make that scrolling finger stop. Curiosity, satisfaction, colour and contrast mixed with progressive storytelling makes up the core recipe for a true 9x16 mobile consumer experience."

Visual Engineering, 9x16 SoMe Concepts. Conceptual content creators - making while creating - with a passionate and iterative process

Content strategist and creative with a focus on optimizing communication for the mobile 1st era.

Today, 90% of content is being consumed in a vertical, mobile 1st manner. And although many brands are fully invested in reaching their audience in these digital platforms, the creative ambition, status and budget for vertical campaigns is far from aligned with the overwhelming potential impact of the vertical social platforms.

Marcus Frendberg’s message is one of transformation. How do we train our creative minds to start thinking in vertical format? How can we engage our audience faster and still get our message across? How can we use the specific Social media platform engines to create mesmerizing ads that build brand and drive sales?

The evolution of the 9×16 ad is still in its earliest stage and the potential to make an impact is great for those who dare to try.

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