Petter Ödeen

Creative Director / Film Expert / Art Director / Communication Concepts

Conceptdevelopment - Creativedirector - Creativeideation

"Petter is the brain behind the multi advertising success story for Ipren, the storytelling of the quirky Ipren-mannen."

He comes boosting with curiosity and a vast brand experience to make just your your content count!

A very experienced Creative Director and Art Director, creating and developing long-term advertising concepts on all media platforms, specialising on film concepts.

Petter is, as one of our precious vetted members, available through The Swedish Villa as an independent expert, for project-by-project assignments as well as an ongoing resource for your agency, brand or organization. The art is to simplify, find the essence and dramatize it to create strong and clear concepts.

Today an independent force, after heading Babyshop and before this Garbergs Agency as Creative Director for many years. He has a unique witty approach and a vast understanding of how to build bold and intriguing brand awareness that capture your target group. His storytelling skills show off in campaigns for headache pill Ipren, a long-running success of films featuring the Ipren man, Glocalnet, Treo, yes more headache pills, and building the brand NetOnNet online.

His work for brave clients have been awarded many times in competitions such as Cannes Lions, Eurobest, 100-Watt Award and Sweden’s most precious; Guldagget. Clients include BRIS – the children’s rights organisation, SL, Babyshop Web Commerce and Jernhusen Real Estate.

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