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Robert Lund

Creative and Strategy Director with almost two decades of experience from the Global Creative Industry

Over the last years, Robert has been advising entrepreneurs, startups and creative agencies in everything from business strategy to team building, product development and more. Robert has a wide set of experiences that comes in handy when tackling the reality of an entrepreneur and CEO. Having worked in leadership positions at renowned agencies like Crispin Porter + Bogusky, McCann New York, The Barbarian Group and Forsman & Bodenfors he has led and created work for brands like IKEA, UNIQLO, Chevrolet, Century 21, Reebok & Infinity to name a few. As well as leading his own NYC based creative venture, Present Day - which was founded on the principle that creative work has to be managed with a business-first approach. He is listed by Forbes Magazine as the maker one of the most influential digital campaigns of all time, and has been featured in Taschen’s “Game Changers - The Evolution of Advertising”.

"A brilliant mind, always finding joy and inspiration in planning for, and solving, complex business problems and building teams, offering and strategic marketing planning, "