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Stefan Lidstrom

For 20+ years, Stefan has guided clients through Brand Transformation.

Stefan has a solid business acumen and has a fantastic result when it comes to establishing and growing international operations throughout Scandinavia and Europe. Stefan's interest in the business and excellence in team building has resulted in over 50 significant cases. To name a few relevant examples; The merger of Vodafone and Europolitan in Scandinavia, the launch of Vattenfall in Europe, the launch of the mobile network 3 in Scandinavia, the launch of the health brand GoGreen (350 listings in Scandinavia), the launch of the new pension system in Sweden (The Orange Envelope), the launch of SEB Bank in Europe (SEB Ocean Race). Stefan's unique combination in business and creativity has given him several confidences as a Senior Advisor in listed Swedish companies such as Clas Ohlson and Mekonomen. His expertise combines the four critical categories: product, brand, digital, and service.

"Stefan has a well proven people-centered and purpose driven process that helps senior executives address market challenges, solve critical business problems, and capitalize on opportunities"