Ulf Skarin

PR Expert / Brand Advisor

Allbrands - Personalbrands - Publications - Strartups

"We are thrilled the brilliant journalist, podcast professional and media-star Ulf has decided to help brands to communicate with their tribes as one of our Villa Brand advisors"

Conceptual Creative Strategist with a fantastic eye for innovation and contemporary movements

One of the most experienced business journalists in Sweden, he has been the Editor in Chief and Creative Director at Veckans Affärer – The Weekly Business magazine in Sweden.

Now available as an Independent Expert to Publications, Brands and Organizations. A brilliant strategic journalist, Creative Director and Connector. Every day Ulf lunches with a stranger was his recent project, Watch his TEDx-talk on why you should steal his idea and do it yourself.

Today he just settled in the south of Sweden as the owner of a fabulous Bed & Breakfast after living a constant van-life on a quest to encounter the most inspiring people, ideas, places and stuff. Available for corporate work and conceptual branding projects.

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